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Which three options are web and email security products? (Choose three.)
A. Umbrella
B. Cloudlock
C. Web Security Appliance
D. Investigate
E. Meraki
Answer: ABE

Which two attack vectors are protected by remote access VPN? (Choose two.)

A. campus and branch
B. voicemail
C. cloud apps
D. email
E. mobile
Answer: DE

Which three options are attack vectors of the threat-centric defense? (Choose three.)

A. Linux OS
B. email
C. web
D. cloud apps
E. DNS security
F. voicemail
Answer: BCE

Which three options must a customer look for when choosing a security solution provider? (Choose three.)

A. delivers better partner and customer support
B. offers more than just niche products
C. is committed to security
D. generates higher margins on each sale
E. provides solutions at the lowest cost
F. prioritizes one security solution above all else
G. creates new market opportunities

Answer: ABC

Which customer cost saver leverages current infrastructures without buying new appliances and avoids lengthy customizations?

A. faster integration
B. fewer resources to manage
C. flexible licensing
D. less time scoping a breach

Answer: A

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Question No : 1

The Web Intelligence Processing Server has finished processing a document.
To which server is the document page sent so that it can be viewed?
A. Output File Repository Server
B. Adaptive Processing Server
C. Adaptive Job Server
D. Web Application Server

Answer: D

Question No : 2

How can you achieve horizontal scaling?
A. Increase the database storage capacity for the Central Management Server system
B. Increase the database storage capacity for the auditing database.
C. Install redundant processing servers on additional hosts.
D. Install redundant processing servers on the same host.

Answer: C

Question No : 3

User A designs a document and exports it to a public folder on the business intelligence
platform. User B moves the document to a different folder. User C schedules the
document. User D opens the latest instance of the document.
At this point, who is the owner of the instance?
A. User D
B. User A
C. User C
D. User B

Answer: C

Question No : 4

Why would you configure a second Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) on the same host?
A. To allow servers to be secured separately
B. To allow servers to run under different network accounts
C. To take over the management of the first SIA's server if it fails
D. To increase the processing capacity of the host

Answer: B

Question No : 5

You change the title of a Crystal Reports object using the Central Management Console.
Where is this change reflected?
A. In the report file stored on the Input File Repository Server
B. In the log file of the Crystal Reports Processing Server
C. On the Central Management Server system database
D. In the report file stored in the Business Intelligence Archive Resource file

Answer: C

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